(#1832 added Oct 2015.) 1200D Hug Prize Medium Turnout Blanket, 200 grams insulation, Navy body, Light Blue trim; same colors and fabrics as the Heavyweight (300 grams ins) Blanket. Sizes 70 thru 88, plus FA and FB, two sizes optimized for Friesians and many Draft cross horses. Waterproof/breathable, Nylon lining (breathable), Tail Flap, Bias surcingles, removable elastic leg straps, attach points for optional neck covers in 4 sizes (S, M, L & XL, #1836 with no fill and #1838 with 200 grams insulation). You (and your horse) can now have either 200 grams insulation (with this #1832 blanket) or 300 grams insulation (with the original #1834 blanket). These new Hug blankets arrived Oct 2015, just in time for winter! Note: Some sizes temporarily sold out as of 12 Feb 2016; sizes 70, 72. Some sizes only one left: 76, 88.

Our ship has come in! New Hug designs have arrived (Oct 2015), including Stable Blankets with 300 grams insulation and 1200 Denier Turnout blankets with 200 grams insulation. Also, previously sold out sizes of Abrazo and Prize blankets and sheets are now back in stock. We're ready to help you and your horse get ready for winter!
AND, in the last few months (Nov 2015-12Jan 2016) we've added over 600 items in 10 new categories (see top of page for categories; books, jewelry, stable supplies, etc). Most items are unique to our wholesale company (Kelley And Company), either because we are the designers/creators/manufacturers (all the Tek Trek for example), or because we represent the artists/inventors/creators of the items. More new items added frequently. Please check them out!

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