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Carabiner Horse Head Keychains "I Love Horses" Bottle Opener Keychain, Horse Head Pony Keychain
Pony Keychain
Our Price: $7.99
K669. Carabiner Horse Head Keychains are practical, attractive, and our best selling keychain. 6 colors: K669aq Aqua (not pictured), K669bk Black, K669bu Royal Blue, K669pu Lavender and Purple versions (Lavender version pictured), K669rd Red, and K669si Silver. (Unless you want to compete for the Darwin Award, don't use keychain for mountain climbing!)
K295. Horse Head shape Bottle Opener Keychains have "I Love Horses" printed on them.  Three colors: K295bk Black, K295bu Blue, and K295rd Red. K303 (added Jan 2018). Pony keychain. Pony has multi-colored tail.
Bottle Opener Keychain, Jumper Lead Rope Keychain, 19" Horseshoe Keyring with removable Horse Head Coin/Pendant
Lead Rope Keychain, 19"
Our Price: $9.99
K596. Bottle Opener Keychains are attractive and practical.  Four colors: k596bk Black, K596bu Blue, K596pk Pink and K596si Silver.: K293. Lead Rope Keychain, extends to 19" long!
K287. This Horseshoe keychain has a removable coin/pendant which is a horse head with long mane.
3-Dimensional Keychain, Horse Head, with Bridle 3-Dimensional Keychain, Mare & Foal Keychain, English Saddle, 3-Dimensional, in box
K294. 3-Dimensional Keychain, Horse Head with Bridle
K466. 3-Dimensional Keychain, Mare & Foal
K559. Very attractive 3-dimensional keychain, english saddle shape.
Keychain, Horse Shoe Carabiner Cat Keychain, Carabiner Dog Keychain, Carabiner
Cat Keychain, Carabiner
Our Price: $10.99
Dog Keychain, Carabiner
Our Price: $10.99
K297.  This attractive design is great for keys.  But unless you're competing for the Darwin Award, it's not recommended for mountain climbing! K304 (added Jan 2018). Cat keychain, Carabiner.  (Not recommended for mountain climbing.) K305 (added Jan 2018). Dog keychain, Carabiner.  (Not recommended for mountain climbing.)
Horse Keychain Keychain, Mood, Horse Head 3-Dimensional heavy keychain, Jumping Horse
Horse Keychain
Our Price: $10.99
K309 (added Jan 2018).  Horse is 3-dimensional front side, with flat surface on reverse side. K298(added Jan 2018).  Mood keychain, horse head. K692. Heavy 3-Dimensional Keychain, Jumping Horse.
Knife/Hoofpick Keychain, Jumping Horse
K490. Keychain with stainless  steel knife and hoofpick. Horse is aluminum and has  a keyring and snap attachment.  3.4" x 2.2". Two colors; K490bu Blue, and K490rd Red. (Note: suggest you not try to take keychain on airplane!)