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1St Series Bella Sara Cards, 12 packs of 5 Random Cards

G284, 1St Series, 12 Packs of 5 Collectable Cards. 1st series has 64 different cards, 36 "commom" horses, 9 rare "energy" cards (tack, clothing, etc), 9 "rare" horses, and 9 "foil" (extra rare) horse cards. The "foil" cards are for the same 9 horses as the "rare" horse cards. Each card pack containes one "rare" or one "foil" (extra rare) card. So, the 12 packs should have (on average) 10 packs having a "rare" card and 2 packs having a "foil" card.
Info on Bella Sara: For girls age 5 and up. Winner of both the Dr. Toy's Best Products - Spring 2007 and the iParenting Media's 2007 Excellent Product awards. Bella Sara is a fun-filled fairytale world that supports and empowers girls with life-enriching values - honesty, empathy, compassion. All Bella Sara activities and stories aim to both entertain and build self-esteem.
At www.bellasara.com people can sign up and play, and care for their horses. Parents can control how long their children can play on the site each day, before going outdoors to play and exercise. Each collectable card has a unique code that activates an on-line horse which goes into your stable.
Note: For your info: The portions of the web site that list stores where Bella Sara cards are sold is not current, and the on-line store no longer sells items. Our wholesale company www.KelleyAndCompany.com is , in effect, the sole supplier of Bella Sara products to tack stores.

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