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G475.  Container of glittery confetti in shape of horse shoes.  Add to mailed letters, use as decorations at parties, etc. G417.  3-Pack of decorative tape, horse designs, 3 different color tape, with dispenser.  Price of $6.99 is $2.33 per roll (if dispenser is free).  See also G078 tape. G397. This Cookie Cutter is a 7" Horse Head. Package includes a gingerbread recipe. See also the G398 Horse and Rider cookie cutter.
G398. This Horse and Rider cookie cutter set creates two 5" cookies that fit together and stand upright..    Package includes a gingerbread recipe.  See also the G397 Horse Head cookie cutter. G399. Horse cookie cutter is 5.5" c 4.5" in a beautiful gift box. G400. Includes 2 mini horse heads and 1 mini star.  Beautifully packaged.
Tea Lights, Set of 3
Our Price: $19.99
G069. These Tea Lights are 3" tall. Set of 3, different horse designs.
G011. Acrylic plaques arrange ribbons for sleek wall designs. The triangular G011 holds 5 ribbons and the long G012 HoldIt Hanger ($24.99) holds 8 ribbons
G009. These elegant ceramic salt and pepper shakers are sold as a pair, one white horse and one black horse. Each horse approx 3.5" x 4.5".